Did you invent Canonical Text Service

No. The Protocol was developed in the Homer Multitext Project. I implemented the protocol based on a MySQL database.

Are there other implementations?

Yes. One is using a tripelstore and one is using XPath.

Is the sourcecoce available?

Yes. You can download a prepared zip-package at www.urncts.de. The sourcecode includes everything that has already been published in a paper.

How hard is it to set up a CTS with your implementation?

With the webbased setup tool the installation can be done with just a few mouseclicks. If you want to use the sourcecode package, you need to compile the sourcefiles and deploy the servlet. In general, I am trying to keep it as simple as possible.

How can I load data into the CTS?

The easiest way is to clone another instance of this implementation. Per default, one small dataset is cloned from the projects website. If you want to include your own data, you can have a look at the demo datasets. For more information it is best to contact me at jtiepmar[the-symbol-you-know]informatik.uni-leipzig.de.