The use of the configuration-parameter

numbered divs Structures the document with numbered divs (div1 type=chapter, div2 type=line,...)(false if @-notation is used, div=true overwrites epidoc=true) True False
epidoc Structures the document in EpiDoc-Format (false if @-notation is used, div=true overwrites epidoc=true) True False
stats (plus divs=true) Additional statistics True False
maxlevelexception Level of GetValidReff may not be bigger than maximum level of document True False
escapePassage (plus epidoc=true) XML-Escape the passage (true if @-notation is used) True False
seperatecontext Seperate the context from the passage True False
smallinventory GetCapabilities without metainformation (more efficient for crawling) True False
xmlformatting Should the XML be formatted to be easier to read or not to be more efficient?
Your browser formats it anyway, so you might only see a difference in the website's sourcecode.
True False
deletexml Should the xml tags inside the text (e.g. meta information) be deleted to make it more readable? True False